Representative of Zheng Jie: the epidemic gives birth to "housing economy" with great potential for


      "The growth potential of smart home is huge, and it is of great significance to stimulate emerging consumption." Zheng Jie, deputy to the National People's Congress, said, "the epidemic has given birth to the" housing economy ". Among them, the contactless interactive method of smart home has brought convenient, comfortable, safe and intelligent life experience for people in the epidemic era

      At present, the smart home product line is constantly enriched, and China has become the world's largest smart speaker market. Home security, intelligent lighting, smart home appliances, intelligent central control, intelligent video and audio and other home products are also increasingly mature. In 2019, the shipment volume of China's smart home market broke through 200 million, an increase of 33.5% over the previous year. It is estimated that the scale of China's smart home market will reach 600 billion yuan this year. By 2023, the market scale of smart home equipment will be close to 500 million units, and smart home will become the field with the highest expenditure on the Internet of things.

      Zheng Jie said that there are some problems in the domestic smart home market, such as enterprises fighting on their own, building technical barriers and ecological moats, inconsistent interconnection standards, insufficient attention to information security, and separation from smart buildings, smart communities and smart cities.

      Zheng Jie suggested speeding up the construction of standards and norms in the field of smart home. Actively support and encourage telecom operators, Internet heads and start-up enterprises, equipment manufacturers, home appliance enterprises, construction and real estate industries to jointly establish industry alliances, jointly formulate relevant industry standards and promote the internationalization of standards, so as to seize the commanding height of global competition by building open source communities of software and hardware, innovating and developing frontier products.

      He also suggested that the key technologies of smart home should be strengthened, and smart home terminals, chips, WiFi 7, and next generation home network should be included in the list of national core / key research projects. It is suggested that the industry management and supporting service mechanism should be improved, the management guidance of smart home should be formulated as soon as possible, and the relevant requirements for the identification, specification, evaluation, safety management and quality management of smart home products and services should be clarified. It is suggested to promote the co integration and co construction of smart home and smart community, and actively explore the sustainable construction and operation mode of real estate developers, property companies, Internet manufacturers, home appliance manufacturers and government. It is suggested to build a security system for smart home and make clear the standards and requirements of personal privacy information, digital property and other information security in the construction of smart home and smart community.