Deeply customized
Solutions of smart hotel with independent brand

Help brand growth and expand channels with brand

Core advantages of smart hotel

"Intelligent" - saving energy consumption by more than 40%


Let Hotel
Effective cost reduction and income increase

  • 1Energy saving mode helps hotels save energy and reduce consumption
  • 2Improve service efficiency and level
  • 3Reduce operating costs
  • 4Operation data analysis
  • 5Value added services (APP mall) provision


More convenient for tenants
Enhance customer stickiness

  • 124-hour automatic check-in
  • 2Enhance guest experience
  • 3Smart room service
  • 4Remote control of small program
  • 5One click to leave
  • 6User preference upgrade (experience Optimization)

Six functions of SaaS system

  • hotel management

    Real time query of room status map, room management and check-in record
  • construction management

    Distribution of installation and maintenance tasks and query of construction records
  • Voice mail access

    Fast access of third-party smart speakers to enable rooms to support voice control
  • PMS management

    One key management of PMS system
  • device management

    Intelligent device status query and management
  • Intelligent scene configuration

    Match intelligent scene in advance and copy with one key

How to customize
Independent brand smart hotel scheme?

  • OEM smart devices

    Select intelligent devices such as door lock, switch panel socket, electric curtain, etc


  • OEM SaaS background

    Customized SaaS background function, docking PMS system


  • OEM applet

    Customize the logo of the small program and configure the intelligent scenario scheme


  • Select construction service provider for construction

    Select service providers to support the installation, commissioning, distribution network and maintenance of hotel equipment


Multi intelligent scene matching
Customized humanized smart hotel

HVAC system

Automatic tracking of ambient temperature
Adjust the room temperature to the most comfortable state in real time


One click configuration of multiple scenarios:
Bright scene | work scene | sleep scene | romantic scene

energy system

energy conservation
Every device has a responsibility

Voice control system

From room control to customer service
Video playback to life assistant
Stay at home, convenient life

Security system

Test the environment of the room for you
Alarm immediately in case of potential safety hazard

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