Maiyunhui y-gm3 intelligent curtain

Ultra quiet system, system operation noise as low as 34dB. New technology patent separator, effectively eliminate the noise generated by clutch start and stop

Maiyun Huishui intrusion sensor

Detection of water immersion, timely reminder, and linkage with other smart home devices

Maiyunhui universal infrared remote controller

One can replace all remote controls, making ordinary household appliances smart in seconds.

Smart gateway host

Smart host, which can accept hundreds of devices, has its own wireless router function. ZigBee 3.0 reshapes spatial interaction and defines the smart future.

KA1 ZigBee smart socket (wall type)

Product Description:This product can be remotely controlled through mobile app.

SA13 ZigBee intelligent switch (wall type)

SA13 ZigBee intelligent switch (wall type)

Mai Yunhui intelligent switch

Product model: lg-sa23 rated voltage: AC100-240V rated frequency: 50 / 60Hz rated current: 10A / circuit material: acrylic panel, PC flame retardant shell