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Five advantages of Maiyunhui


With excellent development organization and management, Yunhui has become a national high-tech enterprise, and successively won the "national software enterprise" and "ZigBee International Alliance China"
Although the annual innovation of top 100 enterprises "," China's top 30 smart home enterprises "and other honors and qualifications.

 System advantages
   System advantage
 Product advantages
   Product advantage
 Technical advantages
 Patent advantages
   Patent advantage
 Brand advantage
    Brand advantage

System advantages


Self designed app, comprehensive and differentiated functions, private customized intelligent life
Through a number of international safety certification, multiple protection, ease of use
High efficiency
Multi system integration, powerful function, in the changeable environment to maintain their own existence
Develop and use ZigBee / WiFi and other wireless technologies to make the connection stable and accessible
App operation is simple, the interface is simple and clear, and the operation is completed within 1 minute

Technical advantages


01 Signal stabilization technology——ZigBee mesh ad hoc network technology is adopted to realize wireless signal relay Stabilization
02 Scene linkage technology——Products and products to achieve a variety of intelligent linkage mode, mobile app freedom Set up various scenes and use flexibly
03 LAN control technology——When there is no external network, the device can pass through LAN
04 Language interaction technology——Set up a bridge between audio and equipment to realize the interaction between language and equipment, Realization of voice control equipment through recognition
05 Cloud management technology——Connect the cloud server through the mobile app, realize the sharing of different accounts, synchronize the devices of different mobile phones, and realize the remote control of the cloud

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