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In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for family living conditions are also higher and higher. From the past pursuit of convenience, can use on line, to the pursuit of environmental protection and modeling, and in today's pursuit of "intelligent" society, the era of smart home has come, intelligent has become the first choice for the new generation of young people's home decoration. This also highlights the development trend of smart home decoration and smart home.

After the half of the 2020 Gregorian calendar, China's economy recovered in an all-round way after the epidemic. In this situation, smart home brand "maiyunhui" also responded to relevant policies and launched a strong attack. With its exquisite technology, mature management experience, excellent product quality and low cost and high return operation mode, it is welcomed by the majority of franchisees.

There is still a large market gap in smart home decoration market, and tiktok live, advertising, online and offline promotion and synchronization are vigorously developing. 618 activity 0 yuan join in and support policy is in hot progress, now join enjoy no join in fee! No agency fee! No first delivery fee! When facing the blank market, I hope you can seize the opportunity.

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